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We offer best Receptionist services for small and medium business owners.

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Topnotch receptionists

Our receptionists are skilled and trained to mastery in this field.

Custom greetings

Our online receptionists respond and attend to customers using greetings created or tailored by you.

Round the clock service

We respond to your calls round the clock which enables you to catch on on every sale.

Affordable packages

The services of our online receptionists are divided into packages that suit your needs.


Our Core Feature

The services which we offer, as an online receptionist,consists of many features which have been put together by us. These services will give your business the utmost consistency in activities and also put you on the standard you are meant to be.

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Skilled & Trained Receptionist
  • We Manage Your Customers
  • Round The Clock Service
  • High Quality Services
  • Immediate Call Response
Our Process

How It Works?

Custom Greetings

While You Are Busy, We Receive Calls with Your Custom Greetings.

Screen The Calls

We Screen the Calls And Then We Announce the Calls.

Transfer The Calls

We Transfer the Calls And Your Calls Are Transferred Based on Your Request.

Send Information

We Organize and Send Information Based on Your Preference Emails |Texts | Voice Messages

Why you should get a virtual receptionist

Online Receptionists 24/7

Pose consistency

Consistency is one of the vital components which a business must possess to keep a good relationship with customers. Customers love it when the standard is given to them.

Never lose a customer

The fear of every business is losing its customers. Hiring the services of our online receptionist helps to fill up these loopholes in running your business.

Extension of office

Hiring online receptionists serves as an extension of your office because these receptionists do not take up space in your office building.

We offer best Online Receptionist services

The Services We Offer

Transfer of calls round the clock

Your business calls get transferred to our call centers 24/7.

Call recording on demand

We can record your calls as per your demand.

Booking of appointments

We can transfer the call to you, Book Appointments and much more.

Affordable plans with trial periods

We offer free minutes on each plan.

Little or no waiting time for customers

We ensure no waiting time for your customer.

Highly Trained Employess

We train our employees about your business.

Our Success

Empowering Business

Give your business a professional image

Keeping the standard of your business, responding to clients on time, and having enough time so as not to miss any appointment is essential.

Carry on your business without limits

Running your business will come with limits that will put a strain on you and thereby reducing the effectiveness and quality that you put forward.


Our Packages

Our online receptionists have been certified to possess the required skill in this field. We can boast the potential of giving solutions to your customers in a maximum time frame of 3 minutes. This act helps to prioritize the effective running of your business as well as the satisfaction of your customers. Our affordable plans can be found below

Starter Plan


PER Month

  • Upto 37 Calls Per Month
  • Upto 75 Receptionist Minutes
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Stand Together


Per Month

  • Upto 75 Calls Per Month
  • Upto 150 receptionist Minutes
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Partner Plan


Per Month

  • Upto 150 Calls Per Month
  • Upto 300 Receptionist Minutes
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